Quick Tip: How to shoot slow motion in camera on the Canon C300

I’ve found that a good amount of cameramen that rent from us want to use the internal slow motion feature on the Canon C300 but aren’t aware how.   While this feature has always existed, may users end up shooting in 60fps and converting to 24fps in post.  Its always nice to be able to watch the slo mo effect in playback, for you and the client.  One important thing to note, if you are shooting in 1080, you will need to drop down to 720p.

Select the wrench icon in the menu setting.

Make sure your Frame Rate is set to 23.98fps or whatever fps you want the footage to end up in.

Toggle up to Bit Rate/Resolution and select 50 Mbps 1280×720.

C300 Bit Rate/Resolution

Toggle up to Special Record and select Slow & Fast motion.  The S&F STBY will appear on the top of the screen.

C300 Special Record

Toggle down to Slow and Fast Motion, and select the Frame rate of 60fps.

C300 S & F Frame Rate

The Viewfinder will show a 60/23.98 designation to indicate shooting frame rate/recording frame rate.

C300 S & F Screen Shot

After rolling some footage (which will look to the eye like 60 and not 24) Rotate the external dial from Camera mode to Media mode and watch your Slow Motion gold right in the viewfinder!

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  1. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CANON Manual was useless.

  2. Jose Ambrocio says:

    This is a great article of instructions on slow motion.
    Can you do one for interval recording (time-lapse) at 50mps at 1920/1080.

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