I cover stories for DGA Productions using both video and still photography.  My partners and I have been together since the 90’s, constantly pushing each other to try new endeavors.  I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by industry leaders and great people throughout my career.  Mentors, colleagues, and friends have helped shape my aspirations both personally and professionally.

We live in a very exciting time of new and evolving technology.  Cameras and gear are cheaper and more accessible, making competition more intense than ever in our industry.  Out of this monetary shift has come a level playing field, and a focus on quality images at reasonable costs.  We at DGA believe this new dynamic to be our sweet spot.  Our company has been around since 1981 and we’ve seen so much change, but storytelling never goes out of style.  Our stories are a collaborative effort at our company. I hope you find our brand of narrative enjoyable.


Photo by Chrissy Szászfai Racho